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Lady Mariko Tee

Lady Mariko Tee

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Our handmade truly “Vintage Tee” features a relaxed fit, heavyweight, a standard hem and is finished in a vintage wash for improved hand-feel and color.

7 oz.

100% cotton fabric

Hand-Designed & Made.

Shogun' Star Anna Sawai on What's Next for Lady Mariko

A poised and mysterious highborn woman, Toda Mariko is a skilled translator with a troubled past. Fiercely loyal and unwavering in her convictions, Mariko will not be deterred from absolving herself of her cruel life sentence.

Mariko is the wife of one of Toranaga's prized vassals, but her lord will soon discover her hidden talents when she is pulled into the political maelstrom.

Mariko had a privileged upbringing in Azuchi Castle, where, like many samurai women of her day, she trained to fight with the naginata spear, her skill winning her many competitions. When she came of age, Mariko married into the Toda family, and though she disliked her new husband, Buntaro, she became a dutiful wife. Not long after this union, tragedy struck, and Mariko's whole world was shattered.

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